This Friday the EuroMillions has a record prize of 220 million euros: This is how you can participate in Chile

There was still no winner in the EuroMillions Special Draw, which started on September 24 and remains undefeated, even after reaching the top of the lottery. That is why they now offer the largest jackpot in their history, a record prize of € 220 million (about 208 billion Chilean pesos).

This historic jackpot probably won’t last long, as almost every time this lottery reaches this point the jackpot is won quickly. So the prize could fall in the next drawing of the Friday, October 15. What if the winner was a Chilean? It’s possible?

Fortunately, from now on you can buy your tickets for the draw and without leaving Chile in TheLotter, the world’s leading online ticket messaging service!

In the last draw last Tuesday, there was a big winner in TheLotter that will take home no less than 1.3 million euros, corresponding to the second division of prizes.

Find out how you can win the EuroMillions from Chile

If you want to play in the EuroMillions Special Draw, start by opening a free account at TheLotter. Then, buy your lottery tickets by selecting which one you want to choose and your cinco lucky numbers in a range of 1 to 50, plus two additional numbers known as “Stars”, of a range of 1 to 12.

You can win millions at TheLotter for less than 6 euros a line!

TheLotter will buy the official EuroMillions lottery tickets on your behalf and keep them safe until the draw. If you are lucky enough to win, the platform will transfer the full prize money to you and will not charge you commissions. This means that the entire pot will be yours! Also, even if your ticket only partially matches the numbers drawn, you could still win prizes in one of the 12 secondary prize divisions.

More about the EuroMillions Special Draw

According to the rules of the EuroMillions, the well cannot exceed € 220 million, and will remain in that limited amount for four more consecutive drawings. If there is still no winner in the fifth and final drawing, the full prize will be distributed to the winners of the next highest prize category.

As long as the prize remains capped, all funds from ticket sales are transferred to the second prize category, which means exceptionally high second prizes are also expected!

Play EuroMillions and get an extra chance to win 1 million euros!

All players participating in the lottery EuroMillones en TheLotter automatically have an additional chance to become millionaires with the raffle The Million.

When you play EuroMillions, a 9-digit alphanumeric code is printed at the bottom of each ticket you buy. If your code matches the one drawn in the raffle, you will win the prize of 1 million euros.

Learn the story of our most recent El Millón raffle winner: HSL from South Korea.

Biggest lottery winners from TheLotter

Through the years, TheLotter has paid out more than $ 106 million in prizes to more than 6 million winners around the world. The stories of their biggest winners They show that no matter where you are in the world, you can play and also win great prizes, even if you don’t physically buy the tickets in the lottery country.

The story of a Panamanian who earned 30 million dollars confirms the security of this platform.

Remember that your chances of winning the pot when playing online with TheLotter They are exactly the same as those of someone who buys a physical ticket in any of the nine countries that participate in the game, but with the advantages that playing online gives you.

Will a Chilean make history this Friday night and take home the record jackpot of € 220 million from EuroMillions? Will it be you One thing is certain, if you don’t play until this Friday, October 15, you will never win the jackpot.

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