This ex-girlfriend of Eugenio Derbez asked “not to fall into that same puddle”

Eugenio Derbez, actor, comedian, dubbing voice and content creator is one of the successors of the golden age of Mexican cinema to which he has paid tribute since his stay in the United States, from where he works. He has been married since 2012 to Alessandra Rosaldo, however, she has not been his only partner, as he has even had children with other women throughout his life.

A Derbez Like any mortal, old shadows resurface and in this case that of a former courtship of the comedian, who without filters indicated that he would not want to have any sentimental relationship with the creator of Al ahead y al Derbez. Everything happened in the program Cuéntamelo Ya !, while the hosts commented on a publication that Eugenio made to Consuelo Duval on the occasion of her birthday.

Eugenio Derbez smiling. Source: Instagram Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio He had posted a nice message for Duval that garnered more than 500,000 “likes”, as well as hundreds of comments from fans who applauded and laughed at Derbez’s words: “Today is this woman’s birthday, nothing normal. It’s intense, cheesy, and loud. When he laughs it looks like he swallowed Chucky, but he also has a huge heart. If life gave me the opportunity to choose her as a sister of life … I would do it again. I adore you!”.

While the note was being presented on said entertainment program, the voice of Dalilah Polanco, ex-girlfriend of Eugenio, resonated on the set as he repeated several times: “I love you.” Thus, her companions in total bewilderment asked her to clarify who the comment was for, since such a show of affection for her former partner was strange. “I clarify, I clarify, Consuelo Duval, mija santa, I love you. Happy birthday, I was going to think that they were going to give me something else. No, no, no, God forbid me to fall into that same puddle again, ”Polanco pointed out.

Derbez with Consuelo Duval. Source: Instagram Eugenio Duval

Eugenio Derbez and Dalilah had a solid romance more than 15 years ago was and although both already have very different paths from each other, the actress recently revealed the difficulties she experienced at that time. Dalilah stressed that her courtship was always very difficult, full of responsibilities and learning, which she had a hard time overcoming, since despite her extensive career and her love breakup, they continued to identify her as “La de Derbez” for several years. “Mr. Eugenio Derbez is a very large shadow and being under his shadow is wonderful because you feel protected in some aspects but you also feel in the shadow,” he stressed.

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