This cosmetic product ruined Lyn May’s face irreversibly

Currently, Liliana Mendiola Mayanes, better known as Lyn May have 68 years. A very beautiful woman and recognized as a Mexican star and actress of Chinese descent.

He has come to have great recognition both in Mexico and in Latin America since he began his career at a very young age. It is not a secret that Lyn May has shone for so many years. However, his success and fame plummeted as time progressed and he began to undergo cosmetic surgeries.

While many wonder what was it that ruined Lyn May’s face irreversibly, on different occasions the same star has confessed that she was always afraid of getting old. For that reason, the more time passed, the more he considered cosmetic surgeries as an option to get as close as possible to eternal youth.

However, that way of doing things cost him much more than just money. A cosmetic surgery that was carried out led her to a radical change in her life from which – apparently – she no longer has a way out.

“SOURCE: Collective Culture”

The product that ruined Lyan May’s face

To get rejuvenated, the famous Lyan May asked the doctor to use the most effective product. However, he never imagined that his face would deform or change his life in this way.

It was possible to know that the cosmetic product that irreversibly ruined Lyn May’s face was baby oil in a suspected cheek surgery. Not only did it deform his face, but his facial features began to fade.

So it was that seeing how it was, the famous resorted to other new and different medical interventions to repair the damage, although it was too late. As time passes, now Lyan tries to think positively and turns a deaf ear to aggression and bullying on social media.

In an interview with Telemundo, the famous May said: “I no longer turn back, just forward, I learned that I have to live what suits me, to be happy and be positive despite adversity, because I accepted myself as I am.”

Did you imagine the cosmetic product that ruined the method from Lyn May irreversibly?

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