Third edition of Libertadores de Rainbow Six starts today with 6 Brazilian teams

NiP, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Team oNe, FURIA and MIBR are present in the competition with a total prize pool of almost R$ 200 thousand

With the completion of the third round of the Brazilian Rainbow Six Siege Championship 2021, the six teams classified for the third edition of the Copa Elite Six of America were defined.

Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team oNe, FURIA Esports e MIBR they will represent the country against Mexican and Argentine opponents in the fight for another trophy in the region and a US$35,000 prize (approximately R$200,000 at the current rate). With ten teams, the tournament starts this Monday (11), from 1 pm.

All matches from America’s Elite Six Cup will have Portuguese broadcasts on Rainbow Six Esports Brazil channels on Twitch e no YouTube.

Brazil in contention for the title

Classified by the South American League, 9z Team and Malvinas Gaming reach the championship after repeating the good campaigns carried out in the previous rounds. The same happened in the Mexican Championship, which had Fenix ​​Esports and Atheris Esports, team of Brazilians Daniel “Novys”, Lucca “MKing” and Victor “Bersa”, guaranteeing spots for the international championship once again.

Two editions of the Copa Elite Six da América have already taken place in 2021, both with a wide domain of Brazilian teams. In the first, Team Liquid took the title after beating MIBR in the decision. Afterwards, Ninjas in Pyjamas, rocked by winning the Six Invitational, became champion of the continental tournament after another 100% green and yellow final against Team oNe.

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The third edition of the Copa Elite Six de América will end on Sunday (17), when the great champion will be known. On this occasion, the championship will have one more day of disputes, so that the semi-finals and grand final will not take place on the same day.

It is worth remembering that the semi-finalists will add points in the global rankings for the Six Invitational 2022, as well as guarantee places for the next Six Major, which will take place in Gävle, Sweden, in November.

Check the schedule of the Elite Six America’s Cup matches

Day 1 – 10/11, from 1:00 pm (Brasilia time):

  • Game 1 – 13h – Team Liquid x FURIA Esports
  • Game 2 – 14h – MIBR x Malvinas Gaming
  • Game 3 – 15h – Team oNe x 9Z
  • Game 4 – 16h – Fenix Esports x FaZe Clan
  • Game 5 – 17h – Atheris Esports x MIBR

Day 2 – 10/12, from 1:00 pm (Brasilia time):

  • Game 6 – 13h – Team oNe x Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Game 7 – 14h – 9Z x FaZe Clan
  • Game 8 – 15h – Team Liquid x MIBR
  • Game 9 – 16h – Atheris Esports x Malvinas Gaming
  • Game 10 – 17h – Fenix Esports x Team oNe

Day 3 – 10/13, from 1:00 pm (Brasilia time):

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  • Game 11 – 13h – FURIA Sports x MIBR
  • Game 12 – 14h – Malvinas Gaming x Team Liquid
  • Game 13 – 15h – FaZe Clan x Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Game 14 – 16h – Fenix Esports x 9Z
  • Game 15 – 17h – Atheris Sports x FURIA Sports

Day 4 – 10/14, from 1:00 pm (Brasilia time):

  • Game 16 – 13h – FaZe Clan x Team oNe
  • Game 17 – 14h – Ninjas in Pyjamas x 9Z
  • Game 18 – 15h – FURIA Esports x Malvinas Gaming
  • Game 19 – 16h -Atheris Esports x Team Liquid
  • Game 20 – 17h – Fenix Esports x Ninjas in Pyjamas

Day 5 – 10/15, from 1:00 pm (Brasilia time):

  • Game 21 – 1pm – Quarter Finals 1 (MD3)
  • Game 22 – 4pm – Quarter Finals 3 (MD3)

Day 6 – 10/16, from 1:00 pm (Brasilia time):

  • Game 23 – 13h – Semifinal 1 (MD3)
  • Game 24 – 16h – Semifinal 2 (MD3)

Day 7 – 10/17, from 1:00 pm (Brasilia time):

  • Game 25 – 13h – Grande Final (MD3)

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