Things you lose in a divorce and make you feel like a failure, not everything is your ex

Divorce is always a hard process and even when you feel that it is the right thing to do, when there is no love for your partner, there are things that hurt you and that lead to grief. Let’s talk about things that get lost in a divorce and make you feel like a failure, not everything is your ex.

The situation is different for everyone, sometimes there is a infidelitySometimes there are situations of violence and others simply love ends, it is decided that each person will be better on their own, the point is that divorce becomes inevitable.

Divorce is a whole process for us, for our ex partner and for our sons (if there are any) and what few say is that not only one person leaves our life, but other people who were almost family, situations, places and comforts.

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It is true, everything happens, but at that moment, when everything is recent, you only see how your life falls to pieces and that is why we want to tell you not to be afraid, that you will be able to get out of this and that even if you doubt it, the best is yet to come. .

The things you lose in a divorce that make you feel the worst

Life changes, you can be very determined but when everything moves and when you see the consequences of divorce in your life, you can even doubt that you have done the right thing. Some of the things that we lose and that hurt us the most son:

Your house

Your house will never be the same again, whether you change places and have to give up what you thought would be your home or if you stay and decide to change everything so as not to live on the memories, it is hard to let go.

The relationship with your children

In many cases our children suffer with divorce and when we hide things from them so as not to hurt them they can see us as the villain of the story, particularly if they are young. In other cases, even if they understand things, our new life without couple It will change the relationship that exists, the point is that you should not give up, you should always give them quality time and maintain good communication, everything will be fine.

Everything passes, do not lose faith in you.

Some friends

When your partner and you are in the same circle and there is a divorce, it is common for friendships to split and for people you thought to be close to move away or show loyalty to your ex. Although it is a hard blow, later you understand that these people were never there for you and that friends will come who do value you.

Your finances

This is one of the most common points, as many women stay in relationships that do not work for economic comfort. Do not be afraid to start over, there is much you can achieve on your own and although rearranging everything is difficult, there are no impossible ones.

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Your sense of protection

Although we do not like to admit it today, having a partner gives us a certain status, makes us feel more secure and avoids bitter drinks. Being without a partner changes all that and although it may take a while to feel safe, that moment always comes.

Your future

Maybe your ex was no longer the person you wanted to share your life with, but saying goodbye also means letting go of all those ideas you had about the future. You imagined it with him and maybe there are things that you don’t see as possible, but you know? That it is different does not mean that it is bad and that new future promises to make you much happier.

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