They will make a documentary on the impact of the Cuban song "Homeland and Life"

The company Exile Content Studio will perform, in collaboration with the musicians Yotuel romero and Beatriz Luengo, two of the composers from the musical theme Patria y Vida, a documentary about the impact that the song had mainly for Cubans and their aspirations for changes on the island.

The audiovisual will bear the same title as the song and aims to delve into how it ignited a movement and became a social phenomenon on the island, accompanying the songs. massive anti-government protests on July 11.

Recently, in addition, the song won two Latin Grammys, one for Best Urban Song and one for Best Song of the Year.

“On Exile We believe in generating content that inspires people to take action and create social change in the world, ”he said. Daniel Eilemberg, President of Contents of the media company, in statements to the American weekly Variety.

“We are especially excited for the opportunity to join forces with Bea and Yotuel to produce a documentary on the tremendous power of their song to galvanize protest activism against restrictive policies in Cuba, and the role of music and culture in advancing the social change ”, he added.

Yotuel and Beatriz highlighted the impact of the song not only on Cubans, but in people “from all over the world.” “We feel privileged to be able to use the platform to tell the story of Cuba and give a voice to an often oppressed community,” they said.

“We are hopeful of seeing a change in the future and we are excited to collaborate with Exile to continue raising awareness and fighting for the Cuban people; to continue using our voice in a meaningful way ”, they stressed.

Founded in 2018 by the former head of content at Univision, Isaac Lee, based in Los Angeles and Miami, Exile has been creating content that it considers culturally relevant to audiences in the United States and Latin America, in both English and Spanish.

Exile not only understands global trends, but also shapes and creates culture with content that generates expectation and breaks with noise, “he says on his official website. The company offers production services to scripted and unscripted projects in Mexico, Spain, Colombia and the United States.

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