They will evaluate if the Torreón Fair is a smoke-free space as an anti-COVID measure

After a week of operation of the Torreón Fair, next Monday at the meeting of the Regional Health Subcommittee, evaluations and adjustments will be made to the protocols that have been applied for the prevention of COVID-19, among which, it will be reviewed if Cigars will be allowed or not.

During the first days, a video about the removal of cigarettes from those who entered the Fair went viral, in the security filter. In this regard, Luis Morales Cortés, coordinator of Registers of the Ministry of Finance in the government of Coahuila, explained that it is a protocol that can be applied by both elements of Public and private Security and is carried out, even, in areas such as the Santos Modelo Territory, which is a smoke-free space and therefore, there should not be people who smoke inside, in addition to requiring the removal of the mask.

However, the official indicated that a meeting was held with the representatives and managers of the Torreón Fair, who applied this same protocol during the first days, since there were disagreements because cigars are sold in the interior and the consumption of cigarettes has been observed. The same in specific areas such as Las Jarras, although not in common areas, such as corridors.

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“It is a point that we will have to present on Monday to see what criteria we unify, I am sure that the Ministry of Health has its point of view on this situation, and must even take a hand on the measure to be applied, it is clear that smoking is not a healthy practice but it is also a practice that influences the removal of the mask “, he explained.

Morales Cortés said that this protocol is no longer being applied as such, but that it was something systematic that both the Public and Private Security elements applied, but there was dialogue with the representatives of the Fair and it was considered that it was not the same scenario to the soccer stadium.

“Here I cannot define the point of view of the Ministry of Health on whether it is going to be allowed or not, because if it is not going to be allowed then it would not be necessary to sell inside, but it is not something that has been previously regulated or stipulated , I think it’s four weeks into the Fair, we are only in the first one, which by the way, has been very quiet, below the expectation they had in previous years and below the 50 percent capacity that they requested, we will also see how he behaves this weekend, “he said.

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