They will ask for 25 years in prison for seven policemen accused of torture in a police station

Lema reported that “those accused of torture are a deputy commissioner, a deputy inspector, an officer, three male noncommissioned officers and a female noncommissioned officer,” which represents “all the employees of the Sunchales police station.”

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“The torture was carried out within the police station and the accused acted under their investiture,” said the prosecutor, who added that “such was their awareness of impunity, that they acted in front of a woman who was detained and did not care about her presence”.

“The defendants carried out their criminal actions between 5 and 6 in the morning of Friday, October 18, 2019 inside the police headquarters located at 300 Belgrano avenue,” said the prosecutor, while “the tortured are two brothers who had been legally deprived of their liberty ”.

Lema affirmed that “the victims suffered severe physical and psychological torment while they were bound with their arms behind them,” and clarified that “one of the attacked men had handcuffs and the other, tight seals more than necessary.”

“They humiliated them and threatened to take their lives. In addition, one of the victims was subjected to the technique known as dry submarine, through which suffocation is generated by placing a bag on the head and they also threatened to sexually assault him, ”added the prosecutor.

Lema said that, due to a blow to the neck, “one of the victims went through a glass window and suffered very serious injuries to different parts of the body, including a cut in the internal jugular vein.”

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The prosecutor Gabriela Lema.

The prosecutor explained that “minutes later, the investigated commissioner arrived at the police station, found out what had happened and failed to communicate it to the competent authorities.”

“In his capacity as chief, he ordered the other seven agents to clean the place, which is why he was charged with the crime of aggravated cover-up,” Lema added.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested the opening of the oral and public trial against the accused and it will be a judge of the Preparatory Criminal Investigation (IPP) who in a preliminary hearing will consider whether the accusation has a projection of conviction and that the requirements for developing a debate.

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