“They were taken as hostages”: this was the attempted robbery at a women’s support center by four armed individuals

The National Civil Police (PNC) reported that four armed individuals broke into a building in the capital’s zone 7 to assault “with luxury of force” those who remained inside.

The house belongs the Center for Research, Training and Support for Women, located in the Jardines de Utatlán 1 neighborhood, in that capital area.

Police said the subjects were captured because “A citizen observed something suspicious”, and called 110 to report it.

According to the information, the men maintained hostage several people, mostly women, inside the place.

A police source told Free Press and Guatevisión confirmed that the women were taken hostage and that the criminals’ intentions They were stealing jewelry, money, computers, and whatever else of value they found.

Is about a Mexican, José Valdia, 26; a Honduran, Marcos Mejí (23); and two Guatemalans, Érick Mijangos López (29) and José Castillo Mendoza (25).

The Police reported that in the criminal act weapons were seized.

The PNC added that the Honduran had already been captured on August 11 in Avenida de La Reforma, zone 9, along with two women. from whom a firearm and a compressed gas pistol were seized.

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While Mijangos López has two antecedents, one for illegal possession of a firearm in 2010, and another for cell phone theft in 2018.

And in the case of Castillo Mendoza, Two antecedents for extortion from the year 2015 appear.

(Photo: PNC)
(Photo: PNC)

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