They were surprised a block and a half: two arrested for stealing elements of a construction:

Two subjects were detained on Monday night after they extracted several elements from a construction located in Bolivia at 2900.

Jorge Hotarola (29) and Tobías Serón (18) entered a house under construction around 9:30 p.m. and left carrying materials and tools. A call to 911 alerted the incident and police from the Seventh Police Station identified them in Biggio at 1600, a block and a half from the place.

The two men tried to flee when they received the loud voice and discarded the stolen items while running, but the uniformed men pursued and caught up with them.

Hortala and Serón had stolen a Stanley hammer drill, a Gama brand grinder with accessories, extensions, cables, hand tools, 10 grinding discs of different sizes.

They also seized a 70 cm long iron bar in the shape of an “L” that they used to violate the light of the house.

They were housed in the Seventh Commissioner for the crime of robbery at the disposal of the UFIJ 15. Tomorrow they will be investigated.

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