They warn of a dangerous new viral TikTok challenge

We know that social networks do not always rescue the best in people and many times, collectively, they encourage users to do anything to gain popularity.

The problem is that people accept and this can have serious consequences.

This is what happens with the popular TikTok challenges that challenge followers to carry out the wildest challenges and that can end up damaging the health of those involved.

The latest challenge that has become popular on the social network is the so-called “scalp popping” or “scalp popping” in English, which consists of violently pulling a lock of hair causing a click on the head of the protagonist.

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Bleeding and ulcers on the head

The problem is that this new challenge can be detrimental to health. According to Dr. Gokhan Vayni, a specialist in hair transplantation, the sound that is heard as a result of the challenge comes from the soft tissue (galea aponeurotica), which is between the skull and the scalp, when the structure is detached that is.

In statements offered to the site Tyla, the professional explains that this sound that is produced can cause bleeding under the skin or ulcers on the head.

Meanwhile, Ross Perry, another expert specializing in skin problems, pointed out that this dangerous practice can cause long-term damage to the hair follicle, which could even cause hair loss.

The professional adds that scalp popping can tear the inner part of the scalp causing bleeding and possible infections that, over time, will end up causing pain and discomfort.

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