They want to implement a mandatory inclusive menu in bars and restaurants in Bahia

Councilors of Together for Change intend to approve a draft ordinance that seeks to force gastronomic businesses to have a letter for diners in Braille and another with pictograms.

The initiative had been presented at the beginning of last year but the pandemic brought by the coronavirus and the subsequent closure of activities caused its debate and treatment in the legislature to be delayed.

“The project aims not only at people with visual disabilities from the menu cards in Braille, but also establishes that the businesses for the gastronomic sector also have menu cards in pictograms, intended for people with autism spectrum disorders and people with disabilities who require this type of support from the incorporation of a service that allows them to choose and access the menu that is offered, “wrote councilors Lucía Pendino and Fernando Ascuaga in the project.

Lucía Pendino (Together for Change)

At the same time, they assured that “it is important to work on the incorporation of regulations at the local level whose objective aims to gradually make accessibility a natural and daily issue that improves the quality of life of people with disabilities” and that the initiative was presented with the aim of making “one more contribution towards eliminating the cultural and communication barriers that prevent the full inclusion of people with visual disabilities and for those with autism spectrum disorders.”

In the articles of the project, all those who offer consumption in the premises are mentioned and include restaurants, bars, confectioneries and ice cream parlors, which will have 6 months to adapt if it is finally approved in Sarmiento 12.

Weeks ago the Council approved another project to implement universal toilets in the premises of the same category and in public facilities.

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