They used an alarm jammer to open a truck and steal items

A man suffered in the last hours the theft of elements inside his vehicle, after criminals used an alarm inhibitor to prevent the closure of the vehicle.

The incident occurred in the area of ​​Avenida Alem at 600, when Nicolás Puig got out of the Peugeot Partner truck in which he was traveling for work reasons.

“I got out and I’m sure I closed, as I do every time I go down when I work in the street. They must have used an inhibitor, because a few minutes when I returned I found the door on the side of the sidewalk open and I was missing a backpack, where he had personal belongings, the cell phone and the wallet, “he explained.

Puig stated that he suffered the theft of personal documentation that is essential for his work activity, such as a driver’s license.

“This causes impotence and a terrible anger, because it was only five minutes that I missed and when I returned I found all this.”

He also asked that if anyone finds any of the documents they stole, they can call 154197912.

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