They tried to attack gang leaders imprisoned in a jail in Ecuador with drones

Access to the Zone 8 Deprivation of Liberty Center, Regional prison of Ecuador.

A drone attack on a Guayaquil jail, which allegedly targeted leaders of armed gangs, was denounced this Monday by the Social Rehabilitation Service (SNAI) of Ecuador, which for months has faced a complex situation in its prisons due to internal violence.

“This morning, the Guayas 4 Regional, was attacked with drones from the outside. There were three explosions, causing damage to the roofs of the center. The attack would be directed at the leaders of the gangs. It is serious, we are in the middle of a war between international cartels ”, wrote the SNAI on its Twitter account.

The Litoral Penitentiary, as that Guayaquil prison is known, has already been the site of clashes between organized groups and this Monday was an attack that targeted some heads of criminal organizations who are serving their sentences there.

“Before the explosions, the police personnel and those in charge of perimeter security manage to hear the overflight of some device, some drone. After this situation the detonations are heard ”, explained the head of the Penitentiary Center Perimeter Control, Santiago Jácome.

The explosions were followed by the overflight of the police helicopter and the transfer of agents of the National Police and the Armed Forces to the scene.

The director of the prison, Jorge Haz, pointed out that the signal inhibitors prevented that “these drones do not go below a considerable height.” “There is no impact on the structure of the regional, there is no impact on any inmate,” Haz said, according to the site Primicias.

Since last year, Ecuador has experienced an escalation of violence in its prisons, which had its most serious point in April 2020 with the death of 79 prisoners, the largest massacre in the history of prisons. Last July, another 22 prisoners died in another crash.

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