They swabbed badly, got infected and lost cartilage

From the beginning of the pandemic, one of the measures to rule out the virus was swabbing. Many people have had to take the test to confirm that they do not have coronavirus and in this way be able to do their job.

Claudia Serran works as a therapeutic companion and to take care of her patients she had to undergo several tests. Unfortunately one of them got it wrong and lost the cartilage from her nose.

In dialogue with ElCaletense.Net he commented on the ordeal that has been going on since August 2021.

“They call me to take a service in Meprisa from an older woman. The PCR was done to me in a private laboratory where they charged the lady’s son 10 thousand pesos. After they did it to me, he began to bother me, to sting The result is given to me from insisting so much. As the days passed the discomfort persisted, but the doctor told me it was normal. “

As time went by, Serran had blood coming out of his nose constantly “and with a consistency like jelly. The area of ​​my nose had turned red, so I decided to come to the hospital. They told me it was not an emergency it was 4 or 5 cm dilated in the nostril. “

According to the woman, the studies indicated that she had 18 thousand white blood cells with chronic anemia, “I am allergic to penicillin and I no longer received antibiotics, one day my arms hurt a lot, due to a series of family problems. I asked the boy to hit the track, it came out and blood leaped. I have all injured arms and legs. The second time I hospitalized, Dr. Aguilar did it, with very good treatment. “

You need to travel urgently to Córdoba

Among all Claudia’s ordeal, bad news comes to her from Córdoba, her hometown, “they sent me a judicial decree that I am about to appeal, they told me that my 2 daughters are going to be given to me for adoption, that they cannot Seeing never again, it paralyzed me so I waited for the new year to pass before insisting on the guard. “

The woman has 2 daughters, one 8 years old and the other 11. She needs to travel before February 10 to resolve this situation urgently.

On the other hand, he added: “On Sunday, January 2, I entered the guard, I did not go out, I was taking antibiotics, and when I got there, they did not want to admit me, they gave me clonazepam, my nose was very swollen because I had it I rang loudly and the partition of the little holes in my nose was cut. I was on guard duty from 3 in the afternoon to 3 in the morning, that’s why a lot of people who had covid come in and I ended up with positive covid. They had me isolated 10 days, according to them, in 3 days they referred me because they had to do cartilage reconstruction urgently, today I have been discharged from covid, and I have been taking medication for about a week. “

A family that helped her pay for the expenses of the operation was kind enough to make a consultation with another doctor who told her that she still has an infection in the area, and that she cannot operate.

Among the centers where the operation can be carried out is one in El Calafate and the other in Comodoro Rivadavia, the Altamira Center. It costs about 200 thousand pesos. (ElCaletense)

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