They summoned him to buy an air and stole his money

The victim was cited at the corner of Las Heras and Cervantes avenues.

On Monday night a man was summoned to buy an air conditioner in Resistencia and, upon arriving at the meeting, suffered the theft of money. The police managed to catch the thief and recover what was stolen.

According to police sources, the victim filed the complaint at the Seventh Metropolitan Commissioner and indicated that it was quoted in the corner of Las Heras and Cervantes avenue, with the aim of purchasing an air conditioning unit for $ 8,500 pesos.

While waiting for the alleged seller, a man arrived on a Suzuki AX100 motorcycle, who pointed a gun at his head, and stole the money and then fled.

Before the alert of the victim, agents began the search and around 11:30 p.m. They managed to delay a 39-year-old man on Avenida Soberanía Nacional and Roque Sáenz Peña. In his possession he had the money stolen, and by order of the Office of the Prosecutor in turn, the arrest of this person was ordered for the cause “Supposed armed robbery.”


In addition, they added that when the officers carried out the procedure, a woman was present at the scene, couple of the detainee, who “tried to hinder the police action”, ending up delayed and being transferred to the police station.

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