They shot the house of relatives of the vice president of Newell’s Old Boys Cristian D’Amico in Funes

Everything happened around 1 on Tuesday. The first versions indicate that the attackers arrived aboard a truck. There were 11 impacts that occurred on the entrance gate to the house, one of which broke a glass. A neighbor of the place told LT8 that at that time “the braking of a car was heard and then the shots were fired. We did not go out into the street and we all closed as a precaution.”


The neighbor admitted that he almost did not come across the attackers. “This happened minutes after we arrived from Rosario. If we had delayed a few minutes we would run into them. We know the victims, they are always neighbors, good people, there were never problems with them. This sector was always very quiet. we’ve been here for 15 years and nothing ever happened. “

“What happened is scary. Unfortunately, what is seen in Rosario now is also seen in Funes,” he added.

La internal leprosy

That attack occurred in the run-up to the internal elections at Newell’s. Indeed, on Sunday the elections will be held to renew the executive committee at the Independencia park club.

The electoral act had been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday the partners will have three candidates to choose from: Cristian D’Amico, Ignacio Astore and Ariel Moresco.

In the previous one, the campaign was exacerbated not with cross statements but with acts of violence. Yesterday, Astore’s car was attacked at his workplace, in addition to having received continuous threats towards him and his family members.

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