They shot motorcycle jets when they tried to escape in Oran, there is one dead

There is commotion at this time in the city of Oran before an episode that would have involved the action of motorcycle jets against a couple, with a shot against one of the thieves and the death of the wounded man, as reported by the media in the north of the province.

The information that is emerging around this event indicates that, in the early hours of Sunday, a couple would have been passing through the Joaquín Castellanos passage at the Uriburu corner of the city of San Ramón de la Nueva Orán, when they would have been intercepted by these motorcycle jets.

According to some media, these subjects they would have struggled to appropriate the wallet worn by the woman who was going through the passage in question. Other media indicate that they would have started to disturb passersby.

However, when they were driving away on the motorcycle, a man who was accompanying the woman would have pulled out a gun shooting at criminals, hitting a projectile in the area of ​​the neck of one of these, while the other would have fled.

The wounded man, who transcends different ages, was taken to the San Vicente de Paul hospital where he remained in intensive care due to his delicate condition. Nevertheless, at noon on Monday the media reported his death.

Meanwhile, the police are working on analyzing the security cameras trying to determine the circumstances in which this situation occurred that led to the shooting and its outcome.

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