They sentenced the head of a nursing home for abandonment of people

The denounced nursing home worked in Dorrego at 600 in the town of Gálvez.

A 49-year-old woman who ran a nursing home in the town of Gálvez was sentenced to three years in effective prison for the crime of aggravated abandonment of a person after agreeing to the sentence in an abbreviated trial.

The woman, identified as María del Cármen Fernández, assumed responsibility for the crimes committed and agreed, in addition to the effective prison sentence, to carry out community work for six months in the Samco in that town once she was granted conditional release, that with good conduct is applied to the two thirds of effective fulfillment of the sentence.

The agreement was reached between the defense of the accused and the prosecutor investigating the case, Marcelo Nessier, who declared that the case is still open since he does not rule out that there are more perpetrators involved. This Wednesday, Judge Luis Octavio Silva approved the agreement in the courts of Santa Fe.

Inhuman conditions

The case became known last May after a caregiver for the elderly filed a complaint about the conditions in which the place operated. And it caused astonishment when photos of elderly people admitted to the investigated nursing home, located in Dorrego at 600 in the city of Gálvez, in the department of San Jerónimo, emerged. In the images it could be seen that the grandparents were poorly nourished, some malnourished and without hygiene or basic medical care.

The prosecutor investigated the case and at the time of the accusation said that the head of the nursing home left the elderly there in a situation of total helplessness, between the months of December and last May.

“He did not provide them with appropriate medical care or hygiene and denied them a diet according to their physical requirements,” said Nessier.

It added that these people were in the care of the accused and that their abandonment behavior caused serious damage to the health of at least four of the 11 grandparents who were housed in the institution.

In this regard, the prosecutor mentioned that several older women suffered ulcers and abrasions and suffered from malnutrition, while an octogenarian suffered alterations in her feet due to lack of mobilization.

Although the prosecutor explained that it is a “guilty” crime, that is, it cannot be proven that there has been an intention or will to commit a crime, he clarified that the accused of abandonment of persons, by leaving the victims free to her luck, she was fully aware that they could not help themselves to meet their basic needs.

For this reason, he attributed the crime of abandonment of a person aggravated by the damage caused to the health of the victims. The qualification was accepted by the defense of the accused, who signed the sentence in an abbreviated trial. The next of kin of the victims were notified of the resolution and agreed.

They charged the owner of a nursing home for the terrible physical conditions of four elderly women

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