They seize parcels in the Terminal with a curious merchandise

Gendarmerie personnel seized parcels on the Terminal de Ómnibus de Mendoza with a curious substance. The procedure was carried out in the midst of patrolling tasks carried out by the personnel and they estimate that the shipment was from Salta.

The procedure was carried out by the personnel of the “Las Heras” Road Safety Group that depend on the 64 Squadron of Mendoza. The troops were carrying out a patrol in the vicinity of the terminal when, approaching the parcel depot, they controlled the merchandise coming from Salta.

The bags were seized

At that time they found that there were two bags with coca leaves, with a total weight of 44 kilos, which were seized.

Currently in the country the use of the coca leaf for personal consumption and the passage from neighboring cities of quantities not exceeding 500 grams is allowed. Due to this, when the amount is greater, the merchandise is seized and those responsible are charged for violating federal law 23737.


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