They reveal that China Suárez had a fit of fury when she saw the note from Wanda and Susana: “It was destroyed by …”

While in In the afternoon they analyzed what was the exclusive interview he gave him Wanda Nara a Susana gimenez, and discussed the statements that Marcelo polino had given the notary of the cycle about the role of Eugenia Suárez, one of the panelists of America gave details of how the actress is present a month after the scandal.

This part is speculation based on the information I have”, It was stopped Débora D’Amato, who then followed: “I would be sorry I recorded your note before Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara did the interview because in some things she got a little choked”.

Surely in the interview she will recognize the statement, how it arose, if it was written to her, if she decided to be advised. Emotionally it is not well. Beyond that, obviously, she raises her children and has an environment that contains her, that takes her a little out of the nets and out of this madness “continued the journalist.

She is dejected because it seems that she takes the world ahead of her mouth to the outside, but like every woman who seems to take the world ahead when she is at home, she has a hard time“, D’Amato detailed regarding the state of mind of China.

Listening to everything that happened, and a Wanda who says I don’t know if it happened or not, deep down, the one that was destroyed, with the image that was ruined is that of China. In addition to the fact that the media made a terrible and stark debate about her“, expressed the columnist of the program of Karina Mazzocco.

“She is dejected. It seems that she takes the world ahead but when she is in the house she has a bad time. She was destroyed and down,” the journalist threw.

She is very down”, Débora closed her contribution regarding the state of mind that the actress is going through these days. To which the host of the afternoon cycle added another possible cause of her anguish: “She did not have time to mourn because of her separation from Benjamin Vicuña”.

The labor issue also had her a little uneasy at this time because some, although they did not get off, stagger. They tell me that she is having a bad time, but China is a woman who recovers easily”, Contributed Cora Debarbieri.

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