They release the soundtrack of "The appointee", the documentary about Daniel Toro

The soundtrack of the documentary “The appointee”, was recorded in the studio of the same Daniel Toro, author of all the songs in the film, some shared with other composers. The music will be presented on Sunday on digital platforms.

“The appointee” is the musical documentary directed by Silvia Majul that immerses himself in the life of the musician Daniel Toro, living legend and author of songs like “Zamba to forget you” and “My sad butterfly” (with Julio Fontana).

The film about the artist born in 1941 in the city of Salta, who became one of the most popular and recognized singer-songwriters of Argentine folklore, can be seen through until October 13.

“The name” had the participation of Daniel Toro himself, and the youngest daughter of the musician (also a singer) Daniela Toro, in charge of the soundtrack.

The version that Ricardo Mollo and Nadia Larcher made of “When I have the land” and of Jose Ceña singing “Cristo Americano”, dedicated to Ernesto “Che” Guevara; and another curiosity is the voice of Daniel Toro, who recited again in one of the songs for this soundtrack.

The Carabajal family, the Facundo brothers, Daniela, Antonella Toro and Miguel Toro; Franco Ramírez and Germán Asis himself also gave voice to a wide repertoire made up of 14 songs.

Watch the trailer for “The Name”:

“The Nombrador, a movie about Daniel Toro” Trailer

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