They ratified that Argentina and Brazil will play in San Juan

“Just as we believe that the River Stadium is the home of the Argentine National Team and we are very happy to play at the Monumental; the team is national, and it is right that the interior of the country can also receive the champions of America. Let’s all continue together! ” Chiqui Tapia, born in San Juan and devoted to the Difunta Correa.


The AFA, through Chiqui Tapia, and Scaloni for the Argentine National Team, confirmed that they will play against Brazil in San Juan

The president of the AFA echoed what was previously stated, in a press conference, by Lionel Scaloni himself: “The match with Brazil will be at the San Juan Bicentennial Stadium, beyond the fact that we like River’s court because of its grass, we believe that it is also fair to go to the Interior so that everyone can see the National Team, “he confirmed.

In the last hours large queues were seen and in a few hours the tickets were sold out to be in the stands, although on the next date they will move to San Juan to receive Brazil on Tuesday, November 16, as announced.

“River’s court is the grass that these guys have in Europe and if we have played in Brazil on every court for the America’s Cup, we can do it anywhere. In addition, the rest of the fields in the country are in good condition“said DT.

To finish confirming that the finalists of the Copa América will play in Cuyanas, the governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac, affirmed through twitter: “Thanks AFA, Chiqui Tapia and Lionel Scaloni. In San Juan we are anxiously waiting for our beloved Argentine National Team. For the people of San Juan it will be a great pride host the champions of America. “

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