They put order to the street vendors in the center of Torreón, El Siglo de Torreón

Municipal and state authorities carried out this Thursday, a special commercial ordering operation in the Centro de Torreón sector, this before the arrival of Christmas shopping and within the framework of the Guadalupana pilgrimages.

The inspection tour started at the Hidalgo Avenue, from Rodríguez Street to Melchor Múzquiz. Inspectors from the Directorates of Squares and Markets, Inspection and Verification of Torreón, as well as Control of Registers of the Ministry of Finance of Coahuila participated.

Jointly they reviewed the conditions of the mobile, fixed and semi-fixed stalls on the sidewalks, which has been occupied by sellers taking advantage of the increased flow of buyers since the end of October and looking to buy products by season.

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Within the tour, various calls for attention were carried out for itinerant merchants who, taking advantage of the provisional permits granted to them, they tend to spread their tables and merchandise counters, resulting in a significant reduction in the pedestrian circulation space on the sidewalks. Some merchants were even detected putting up structures in the parking spaces and canopies of some established businesses, which it also generates less air circulation.

Street ordering operation on Avenida Hidalgo in the center of Torreón. (FERNANDO COMPEÁN)

Some of the tenants argued the need to sell a greater number of products, because in 2020 they could not due to the incidence of pandemic. However, the municipal inspectors informed them that commercial surveillance and sanitary will continue this year-end without major concessions and in that sense they must abide by all the determinations that have already been previously informed.

At the end of the tour, the state and municipal inspectors issued a total of 5 notifications and 1 written warning, It will be during tomorrow Friday when they return to carry out a new review of the spaces, in case new irregularities are found, or, if they detect incidents on the part of the sellers, they will proceed to the withdrawal of their positions or the closure in case of whether they are fixed or established positions.

It was during yesterday Wednesday that the same inspectors made a similar tour but down Juárez avenueThere, various irregularities with street vendors were also detected and who received at least a dozen verbal reprimands, they were warned that in case of recidivism during this week they will proceed to their withdrawal without exception.

Among the main actions that they must observe in order to be allowed their sale is that of pay for the corresponding right, to be located in the site designated by authority, not to exceed the authorized dimensions, to allow free pedestrian passage and not to fall into unfair practices that could lead to conflicts with other vendors; in the same way, they must use face masks at all times and maintain proper food handling, if that is the case.

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