They propose to fill streets and social networks with messages from Homeland and Life during Díaz-Canel’s visit to Mexico

Human rights activists, Mexican journalists, Cubans abroad and residents on the island, representatives of civil society and Mexicans have proposed to fill the streets and social networks with messages from Homeland and Life during the visit of the president Diaz-Canel a Mexico.

The initiative proposed by the Argentine activist Agustín Antonetti on his Twitter social network, where he has more than 125 thousand followers, has been gaining momentum on the eve of the arrival of the Cuban president to the Aztec country, where he will participate in the celebrations for the 211 anniversary of the Mexican independence, iinvited by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I have a proposal to all Mexican citizens in the form of rejection of the visit of the Cuban genocide. On the day of his speech, let us fill all the places with the phrase “Homeland and Life”: the streets, the media, social networks. Let’s help spread it! ”Antonetti proposed this Tuesday on his Twitter profile.

His proposal was also replicated by the Mexican journalist in ADN40 and El Heraldo de México, Carlos Mota, who in his Twitter account said that “the phenomenal @agusantonetti proposes this phrase so that we Mexicans refuse to celebrate the homeland in front of the Cuban dictator who is visiting the country. Díaz-Canel’s belly twists when he reads it … Viva México! ”.

The young Cuban Mag Jorge Castro also asked on Twitter “the Mexican brothers and the Cuban community in that country … let us fill Mexico with ‘Homeland and Life’ … that wherever the tyrant passes by, remember the phrase with which hundreds of young people took to the streets on July 11 asking for freedom and democracy. #CanelMexicoTeRepudia ”.

In another message from the young Argentine activist, he assured that “at this moment, #PatriaYVida (# 3), Dictador (# 17), Fidel (# 22), Cuban (# 26) are trends in Mexico. We are going to put the atrocities that occur in Cuba on top of the entire country, we are not going to let the Cuban dictator tread on Mexican soil with ease. Let’s go #PatriaYVida”.

Since the visit of the Cuban president to Mexico became known, Mexicans and Cubans residing in the country have not ceased to repudiate the invitation made by President López Obrador for his counterpart from the Caribbean country to participate in the national festivities, resumed after that in in 2020 were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On the networks, with the hashtag #FueraCACAnel and #CanelMexicoTeRepudia, they have clearly expressed that Díaz-Canel is not welcome in Mexico, after the repression he ordered against the 11J protesters.

“It is an absolute shame that the Cuban dictator Díaz Canel has been invited to our national holidays in Mexico. We Mexicans DO NOT overlap the dictatorship! ”. “PEOPLE FROM MEXICO. Tomorrow upload a photo of yourself with #PatriaYVida and the #NoFestejoConUnDictador against the arrival of the genocidal Díaz-Canel as a guest to celebrate Independence Day ”, say some of the messages from Mexicans on Twitter.

Officials from the Cuban embassy in Mexico confirmed to the Mexican press that the Cuban president will arrive in the Aztec country at dawn on Thursday, September 16, but without giving more details of his agenda or how his participation in the commemorative events for the 211 years of Mexican Independence.

However, the Mexican president assured the national media that he will be accompanied by the Cuban president during the military parade on the 16th to celebrate the 211 years of the Grito de Dolores, one of the most significant dates for Mexicans.

Díaz-Canel will be in the Aztec country until September 18, since he will also participate in the meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

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