They propose to create a special commission to pacify the country

In the Chamber of Deputies They seek to create a special commission to pacify the country at the proposal of the legislator by the PRD, Francisco Huacus, to travel the country and learn about the situation of the territories dominated by crime.

Through a point of agreement, the deputy for Michoacan He indicated that he will state that the intention of the new commission is to listen to all sectors of society, since it is something that the federal administration has forgotten.

“We want the religious, business and agricultural sectors to be heard, vulnerable groups that today are being displaced from areas such as the Hot land, like Aguililla, like Calcomán or Tepalcatepec so that from there we can redesign, with the arguments of the population, a change in public security policy ”.

In an interview with 24 HOURS, Huacus pointed out that the proposal is that the congressmen visit the areas of the country where the greatest problems of insecurity are had, to do so by land and without special security devices “so that they can see what the people are feeling.”

He added that the trips would be made from Friday to Monday and although he does not have a proposed map, the idea is to start in his state, Michoacan and then continue with Tamaulipas, Sonora, Sinaloa, Guanajuato, Zacatecas, among others.


Regarding the possibilities that he has of having his proposal approved, he commented that there is full support from the opposition, but he has encountered obstacles on the part of the Morena deputies and their allies.

“There is resistance in the ruling party and the allies because they say that it could be a commission to hit the government, but what we want to propose, and we are going to make it known next Tuesday, is that this commission be made up of all groups. parliamentarians so that driving is not lost.

“What we have to be is a Legislative power autonomous, that he listens to the citizens because the Executive is not doing it and so that the same colleagues of the ruling party help us to convince the Government that the security strategy is not working, “he emphasized.

He argued that in case Brunette and his allies from Labor Party (PT) and Green Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM) will not accept the creation of this special commission, they will show themselves as legislators who do not want to help Mexicans.

So far, he assured that the opinions on his proposal have been of approval on the part of governors, mayors, local deputies and civil society in general, “especially the religious, who are the ones who have been entering hard on the issue of contain the social crisis ”.

About the possibility that his proposal will not be accepted under the argument of austerity in the Congress, Huacus said that so far Brunette It is willing to accept that from 46 ordinary commissions to 50, between ordinary and special.

“I believe that we are within the margin to create another four commissions, this could be one of those that are urgently created because there is none that addresses this issue,” he said.

So far, he recalled, a proposal has been made to divide the current Youth and Diversity Commission and together with his, they would be two of the four ordinary and special commissions that the ruling bloc would agree to create in the current Legislature.

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