They propose that Córdoba adhere to the national law for the control of eating disorders

The block of Córdoba Neighborhood Meeting He proposed in the provincial Legislature the adherence to the national law on the prevention and control of eating disorders.

“We urge the Provincial State, in all its areas, to make agreements and benefits with entities that promote a healthy way of life, such as gyms, sports clubs, nutrition institutes, etc.”, expressed the political force in its foundations.

Adherence to national regulations establishes the creation of a registry of patients with eating disorders and related chronic diseases in public and private health care institutions

In addition, the project stipulates that all areas of the Provincial State that employ personnel in a dependency relationship must carry out biannual training sessions and / or educational courses about the importance of healthy eating for dependent personnel.

While the departments and dependencies of the Provincial State that provide some of the meals of the day to their staff, they must be healthy and planned by a licensed nutritionist with an enabling registration.

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