They present a project to recognize the police officers who saved the life of a baby

An initiative that was presented by the deputy of the Federal Change bloc, Walter Carusso, in the Buenos Aires Legislature, aims to recognize the agents Laura Pagani and Diego Carrizo after they helped a woman and her three-year-old daughter over the weekend. In the recitals, the heroic attitude of the uniformed men is highlighted: “After picking up the little girl, who had seizures and symptoms of drowning, and putting her mother in the car, the troops went to a medical center. While Diego was driving, Laura began to practice CPR maneuvers so that the baby could react ”.

In addition, it is noted that the video of the patrol car records the moment: “It shows the mother with laments of resignation while the policeman accelerates the vehicle and the officer Pagani, after minutes of tension, manages to revive the girl. Moments later, the baby was treated by doctors on duty ”.

Finally, he adds: “It is worth highlighting the work of Laura and Diego, as well as all the staff who were present so that this situation had a happy ending.”

The incident occurred last Sunday, at noon, in the town of Bella Vista, in the Buenos Aires district of San Miguel, when a desperate mother asked for help from the mobile staff that patrolled the area because her baby had drowned and had stopped breathing. The officers immediately notified the hospital and transferred them. Along the way, Officer Pagani performed CPR on the baby and managed to get her to react.

It is worth adding that the news was present in the main journalistic media around the world.


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