They predict an increase in employment expectation for the last four months: How much will it grow?

A private survey provided details of the expected net hiring of work for the last quarter of 2021 and detailed which are the most receptive sectors to make this decision.

According to the Net Employment Outlook (ENE) in the last part of the yearor, the growth is 4%, so it showed an increase of three percentage points compared to the previous quarter and seven in the interannual.

As reported, employers of seven out of nine economic activities rhigh hopes to increase their payroll during the last quarter of the year, led by the A sectorGriculture & Fishing with an ENE of + 11% and followed by Construction, with + 8%, and the Manufacturing, Public Administration & Education and Wholesale & Retail Trade sectors, all three reporting an ENE of + 6%.

On the contrary, Finance, Insurance & Real Estate reports the hiring intentions weaker, with an ENE of -1%, followed by Services, with zero expectations.

The ENE reflects the difference in the percentage of employers that expect to increase their workforce and those that project a decrease during the next quarter according to a survey among 700 Argentine employers, carried out between July 14 and 30 by the ManpowerGroup company.

Total, 81% of employers said they do not expect to make changes to their payroll, 4% that plan to decrease them, 8% to increase them and the remaining 7% do not know if they will make changes during the fourth quarter of the year.

“The prediction of a positive outlook in the quarterly and year-on-year comparison, with an increase of 3 and 7 percentage points respectively, may be linked to the improvement in the health situation and, consequently, greater openings and flexibilities that we were going through at the time of conducting field work “said Luis Guastini, ManpowerGroup Argentina CEO.

Compared to the same period in 2020, Hiring intentions strengthen in eight of the nine industrial sectors: Mining & Extraction leads this trend (+25 pp), followed by Transport & Public Services (+13 pp).

The only sector that does not show an increase in its hiring intentions for the second consecutive quarter is Construction (-4 pp).

At the regional level of the country, Cuyo employers lead the trend of increasing their payroll with an ENE of + 10%, followed by the Northwest of Argentina (NOA), with + 9% and by the Pampeana region, with + 8%, while only in Patagonia were expectations of weaker contracting, revealing a -2% ENE, while the Argentine Northeast (NEA) revealed null intentions.

In the quarterly comparison, hiring intentions increased in five of the six regions: the NOA leads this trend with an improvement of 6 pp followed by Cuyo and the Pampeana region, both with an increase of 4 pp, in contrast to Patagonia, which reveals the only decline of 6 percentage points.

Year-on-year, expectations increase in all regions of the country surveyed with most noticeable increases in Cuyo, with 18 percentage points, followed by the NOA, with 13 points.

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