They organize a collection for those affected by the fires

Matías De La Fuente He is a young man from Cordoba who has relatives in the north of the province, who were affected by the recent fires.

Then, thought of a way to help, contacted a friend and they began to diagram the collection. Since Friday they are collecting donations and next Saturday they will carry everything.

This is how Matías himself explained it in dialogue with the mobile of Crónica Matinal:

“On Saturday from 8 in the morning with the people of Naconver Riders we are going to make a solidarity caravan from Avenida Ejército Argentino, where the YPF is”

They will take all donations to the San José de la Dormida volunteer fire station and there the same firemen will distribute the things. “Anyone with a vehicle or some who dare on a motorcycle can participate,” he said.

The caravan will be led by none other than the Batman de Córdoba and Córdoba Volunteer Foundation will take care of the water. On this subject, Matías asked that they need donations of water: “Even if it is not mineral, we need drinking water for the animals.”

What’s more, They will have veterinarians who will arrive directly from Alta Gracia to give a hand caring for and curing animals affected by the fires. They need milking cream to treat animal wounds

How to help with the collection

In order to collaborate with donations, you can contact the Instagram accounts of both The Batman Córdoba, Córdoba Volunteer (for the water) and Naconver Riders.

In addition, you can access the Facebook of Matías De La Fuente Or go to his home to take the donations personally is La Tablada 3414 corner Zipoli, departments 1 and 2.

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