They offer $ 7,000 to watch all 33 seasons of The Simpsons

An entity is willing to pay to collect all the events and details that occur throughout the 33 seasons of the series created by Matt Groening in order to have a database on the events predicted and will be predicted by the yellow characters.

It is an online casino called Platinum Casino that, based in the United Kingdom, announced days ago that, in exchange, the person willing to see the 33 seasons and the film would receive about $ 7,000 and a box of donuts per week.

According to what they reported, the work would last eight weeks and, for those people who are interested in the work, they will pay the costs of the Internet and the subscription to Star +, the platform where the entire series is hosted.

The work will last eight weeks during which the chosen person must consume 284 hours of content – and donuts, if they like – at a rate of 35.5 hours per day. You just need to have a good level of English, be of legal age and have a television or computer to write long and hard.

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