They murdered a 17-year-old teenager to steal his bicycle

A 17-year-old teenager was stabbed in the chest, when he was leaving his house in the Buenos Aires town of Quilmes, to go to school. And, according to the first investigations, the attack would have been by another young man who stole his cell phone and his bicycle.

The victim’s name is Lucas Iván Cancino, who this morning, around 7:50, was about to start the road to his school, when he was intercepted by another person who killed him in cold blood. After the attack, the victim tried to return home, but collapsed at the entrance due to the severity of the injury he received.

Prosecutor Karina Gallo, in charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) N ° 4 of Quilmes, worked in the place, where she directed the tasks of rigor. The incident was classified as “homicide on the occasion of robbery” and the Buenos Aires police personnel are looking intensely for the attacker.

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