They locate ten bodies with signs of torture in a Zacatecas farm

ZACATECAS.- Security authorities of Zacatecas reported on the location of ten bodies with signs of torture in the community of Machines, Zacatecas.

The find was made after the Department of Public Security implement an operation after receiving an anonymous report that warned about alleged criminal activities in said farm, for which a search warrant was requested.

Once requested by the State Attorney General’s Office and authorized by a judge, the said judicial control investigation technique was completed jointly by the members of this State Peace and Security Table, revealing the unfortunate location of 10 people without life inside it, ”the authorities reported in a statement.

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Identity of the deceased has not been located

After this, the Zacatecas government detailed that after the search carried out in the González Ortega community, better known as Machines, ten dead bodies were found, of which their identity or the conditions in which they were found were not disclosed.

For its part, Zacatecas State Attorney General’s Office He announced that he is carrying out the necessary procedures to clarify the causes of the homicide.

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In the same way, the experts work in the investigations that help the identification of bodies in order to determine their identity, gender and cause of death.

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