They launched the San Martín, the minisatellite that was born as a project of a public school

The project was born as a dream in Technical School No. 5 of Mar del Plata by a group of students. A teacher took that project and made it happen.

This teacher is also the CEO of Innova Space, a technology company that developed the MDQubeSAT1 San Martín, called “picosatellite” because of its tiny size. Is that this technological innovation enters the palm of a hand and weighs just 500 grams.

Today it is already in space. It was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, in the United States.

That teacher and CEO of the developer is Alejandro Corbero, who highlighted the importance of the project:

“It is a historic launch for our country and the world”

After naming this satellite as San Martín, one of the most important heroes in Argentine history, Corbero announced that the next one will be called Juana Azurduy, to honor patriotic women.

Tweet by Nora Bär

In that sense, he announced that all the satellites that follow will bear the names of other great heroes in national history. This is because the emphasis they make the CEO and the company Innova Space is to point to the Argentine satellite sovereignty.

In particular, San Martín will provide connectivity to rural and agricultural areas that until today did not have access to the internet.

The word of the President

Alberto Fernández witnessed the live launch of the picosatellite this Thursday and expressed its importance:

“This is sovereignty, that we can know such important issues as the climatology of a country that needs to know it to develop agriculture, livestock, to safeguard people from eventual rivers that overflow, rains and inclement weather”

“Admire those who are in Mar del Plata, who are Argentines with an enormous vocation to see their homeland grow, to connect to their homeland and to reach places where the internet sometimes does not reach. The Internet contributes to the development of a country and it is something that any Argentine should have access to.“, assured Fernández

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