They launch a campaign to name three new puppies of the Santa Cruz Police

Through the social networks of the provincial portfolio and the Santa Cruz Police, a campaign was launched so that citizens can provide a name for three puppies of the Canes Division. The remainder will be available to the Gardens of the entire province, who will determine the same.

How will it be done? Those who want to participate in the appointment must enter a: There they will find images of the three dogs that are differentiated by colors. This will allow the neighbor to detail the color that the animal has next to the name that he would like to give it.

The duration of the campaign will be one week, that is, from 09/15/21 to 09/24/21. In this way, the participation of the entire population is allowed through new technologies.

Once the deadline has expired, a raffle will be carried out where the winning names will come out and those who have contributed will be able to enjoy, together with the media, a day in the Dogs Division, meet the animal they have named and take home a painting with pictures of the puppies.

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