They investigate a truck driver for a possible car theft in Cachi

Based on the actions of the security forces, it was learned that an employee of a multinational company was involved in an attempted robbery. The Investigation Brigade 6 of Cafayate obtained his arrest and seized cash.

As posted by DiarioDeCachiAt Police Station 61 in Cachi, a driver of a merchandise transport truck denounced that he had been the victim of a robbery. The version of the man detailed how while performing delivery tasks in the place, two people on a motorcycle had intercepted him to rob him a significant amount of money.

Police officers began different operational tasks, including a padlock plan of the area, to find the suspects. Meanwhile, Investigation Brigade 6 began survey tasks to obtain more information, this allowed to think that it could be a maneuver in which the complainant was not the victim.

From a search of the truck, more than 200 thousand pesos that were hidden in an overhead compartment were seized in the cold room. In this way, the 27-year-old employee was delayed, who remained at the disposal of the Criminal Prosecutor’s Office of Cachi and Court of Guarantees No. 5.

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