They grabbed a "little boy squirt", they stripped him and beat him to death

In the past few hours, three assault-linked murders rocked Buenos Aires. On the one hand, a policeman shot by a motorcycle, a 17-year-old teenager stabbed to keep his bicycle, the last, a boy who was shot twice in the head to take his car. In this context of insecurity, Chronicle HD He received a video showing the revenge of a group of neighbors against a squirt kid with whom they tried to do justice by their own hand.

In the images, which last just a few seconds, you can see how there is a completely naked young man, who only has a rosary on. “I said that you will not steal more because I kill you“says a man while another slaps him.

The boy answers “I will not steal anymore“And still get another hit.”Please don’t steal anymore“He begs him. The neighbor insults him and tells him to run. The video ends with the alleged thief running naked down the street covering his private parts.

Three men killed in the last 24 hours

Crime does not rest, and in a matter of hours, after an assault, three people lost their lives. The first was Guillermo Becker, a 42-year-old policeman. He was a deputy commissioner of the City Police and the criminals who shot him twice in the chest as he left his home in the Buenos Aires town of Caseros.

Three men died in the last hours victims of crime in Buenos Aires. Guillermo Becker, Gonzalo Refi and Lucas Iván Cancino.

The thieves, who had arrived there on a motorcycle that had been requested to be kidnapped for theft, abandoned it on the spot and took the policeman’s, a Honda Tornado Xr 250. Becker died in the hospital minutes after being admitted.

Another incident took place before eight in the morning in the Buenos Aires town of Ezpeleta, in the Quilmes district. 17-year-old Lucas Iván Cancino was leaving his house to go to school. He was approached by a criminal, also a minor, who wanted to steal his belongings and his bicycle.

Lucas resisted and the thief stabbed him. He managed to return to his house, which was a few meters away, but as soon as he crossed the entrance gate to ask for help, he fainted and minutes later he died.

Finally, a 32-year-old merchant from La PlataHe had moved to Lanús for work reasons, since he was managing a security camera and other computer equipment venture. His name was Gonzalo Refi, he was aboard his Audi S3 when he was shot in the head.

Gonzalo Refi had a high profile on social networks where he shared his travels around the world.

Investigators are trying to determine if it was a “broadcast” robbery attempt or if he had arranged to meet with alleged buyers of racks and plates used to mine cryptocurrencies, items that he carried in the trunk of the car.

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