They go for everything: how the Green Party aspires to become the third force

The November 14th it’s the general election. On Mendoza, the different electoral fronts are launching their campaign again and focusing on specific aspects of their proposals. Today, Monday, October 11 at 5:00 p.m., the Green party makes his presentation in the Canota Park from the department of Maipú. The meeting was scheduled for yesterday, but was suspended due to bad weather.

They seek to be the third force in Mendoza

MDZ spoke with Mauro Giambastiani, candidate for provincial senator and campaign chief of the Green partyIn the interview, he assured that the axes are focused on getting the useful vote. “We have propositional proposals, such as continuing to defend Law 7722; ending the Mandatory Technical Verification and the tack business and finally the work that is being developed so that the housing emergency is declared and the tenants are owners,” said Giambastiani .

Campaign Manager of the Green Party

In addition, the Campaign chief explained that they are working to channel those who voted blank. “People who voted blank had a smart and thoughtful choice. They got up, went to vote, but when choosing an option they did so blank. That is analyzed as a punishment vote, “he described.

Within the electoral plan, the Green party, It will continue to focus on a proactive campaign, where the militancy together with the candidates visit the departmental squares and green spaces so that they explain to each Mendoza what the main proposals are.

To end, Giambastiani assured that in November they will be consolidated as the third force in order to control the two majority parties: Together for Change and Front of All. “We have solid foundations to beat the other two political spaces,” he said.


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