They found the Argentine who killed his son in Spain dead

Police sources consulted by El Mundo, reported that the man ended his life the same night of the crime and did so by hanging from a tree.

Meanwhile, the uniformed officers indicated that the body was wearing the same shoes as the alleged murderer and are trying to confirm his identity by studying his fingerprints.

It was also reported that The latest images of the subject showed how he escaped from the Concordia Hotel after committing the crime and in the video captured by the security cameras, he was seen jumping a small wooden fence next to the pool.

As it was learned, the man went by taxi to the El Prat airport, but did not take any flight and the local media indicated that the security cameras of the place captured when the individual was walking away from the place.

The two-year-old’s crime occurred on August 24 and since then Álvarez Giaccio, became one of the most wanted people in Spain.

Martín Ezequiel Álvarez Giaccio in video capture.jpg

According to the information released by the newspaper El País, everything happened during the night of that day when Álvarez Giaccio appeared at the hotel where the boy lived with his mother.

The man said that he wanted to go for a walk with the child and took him to another hotel from where he sent a message to his ex-wife in which he announced that he was “going to regret” the separation. and a suggestive and macabre message: “I’ll leave you at the hotel what you deserve.”

The woman gave notice to the Police, for which several officers rushed to the hotel and In a room on the seventh floor, they found the deceased boy, apparently from suffocation, in the bathroom.

In the security cameras of the place, you can see Álvarez Giaccio in sportswear, first jumping over the fence of a swimming pool and then in the street, while he was leaving the place.

According to the local press, since then the man has disappeared and did not maintain contact with his relatives, several of whom also live in Spain.

It was learned that the wanted man has a degree in Economics and that his family lives in Terragona.

According to local media, the fugitive has no prior complaints of gender violence or a criminal record.

Meanwhile, the Mossos d’Esquadra, which is the Catalan Police, published the image of Álvarez Giaccio and his personal data on their social networks the day after the events occurred.

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