They found in Jujuy the 22-year-old who had disappeared in Vicente López

The 22-year-old Vicente López, who was intensely searching since last Saturday, appeared alive, when he left his house and did not return. It was found by the Police in the province of Jujuy, without clothes and very close to the limit with Bolivia.

Is about Michel Baconé, who had been seen for the last time leaving his home in the town of Florida, of the aforementioned party governed by Jorge Macri.

“He appeared in La Quiaca, the police found him in an area called Ojo de Agua, on the border with Bolivia, where we don’t know how he got because he had no money. We think someone took him”, expressed Andrea, the boy’s mother. In addition, he explained that he was without documents, without clothes. that “They had stolen everything.”

In turn, he stressed that the important thing is that his son “Appeared alive.”

Michel Baconé He left his house last Saturday at 3 in the morning.

Regarding Baconé’s health, He was immediately transferred to La Quiaca Hospital and both the intervening prosecutor’s office and their relatives await the results of the pertinent medical studies. However, it turned out that it had to be reviewed because “It was not in good condition.”

The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights also intervened, which communicated with the family, as Andrea explained that “we are seeing how to travel to Jujuy, since Michel does not have the documents with him” And as for the hypotheses about how his son ended up there, he added that “We thought he was tricked and they took him away” towards the destination where he was found.

Within what could be reconstructed thanks to the security cameras and the testimonies of relatives, Michel left his house on Saturday at 3 in the morning and carried a red bag, two guitars and an amplifier with him. From there, “He took a bus to Retiro, but we don’t know where he traveled”, related his mother, who also revealed that the young you are under psychiatric treatment, that he had stopped the medication a few days ago but that he told us “nothing strange” and that that same Saturday he had dinner with the family.

The complaint had been filed by the family itself in the 2nd police station of Vicente López and the videos obtained were provided by a request from the San Isidro Human Trafficking Prosecutor’s Office. The intensity of his family in his search was decisive so that the authorities could finally find his whereabouts.

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