They found a naked man, bound and with cuts on his neck in a downtown pension

A man of about 34 years old was found in a pension room beaten, handcuffed and with cuts on his neck. A neighbor alerted 911 and the victim was taken to the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital for attention. The man is in a reserved state and they are working to determine what happened in that room. The case was left in the hands of the prosecutor of the Flagrancia Unit Carlos Covani

This morning the knocks on a door alerted a neighbor who approached the room of a pension located in Miter at 1000. The man observed that there was a naked, bloody, handcuffed person in the place with signs of having been injured with a knife, so he called 911.

When the uniformed officers arrived at the scene, they observed the scene, the victim was transferred to the HECA and so far there is not much information about what happened. The wounded man was identified as Víctor Leandro G. who is in a reserved state, so he could not provide details of the incident.

The case was left in the hands of the prosecutor Covani who ordered the rigorous measures in the case, including the intervention of the criminal cabinet to raise traces at the scene of the event and is awaiting the expert report.

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