They fired the employee who refused to repair a kid’s phone for having a photo with Cristina Kirchner

The empresa Fix Station fired the employee from his branch office from the porteño neighborhood of Belgrano that refused to fix the phone a Agustin Ocano for having one Cristina Kirchner’s photo as wallpaper.

The company released a statement on the social network Instagram where it announced who fired the employee and publicly apologized for him act of violation of privacy.

For his part, the client named Agustín said that from the company they asked him for explanations al employee who did not know what to answer, then they decided to fire him for having gone against the principles of the firm.

“I deeply thank the company that contacted me and they were very concerned about the situation. They apologized a thousand times. They were nervous about the repercussion, even one of the managers today asked to call me again,” Augustine said.

The victim found out what happened from a message on Twitter of local employee who told -proudly- that refused to fix a phone in guarantee because its owner had the photo with the Vice President of the Nation.

“A client came to me to do a technical service to the iPhone and the first thing I see in the background is this woman. Sir, once and for all I tell you «Warranty denied by Kirchner»”, wrote the employee who calls himself on social networks But, whose Twitter account is @dacopaale.

The post of the employee who was fired.

The victim recognized his image on the phone’s wallpaper, through social networks.

“It turns out that my cell phone had a fault and the person who attended me not only did not take care of the privacy of a client, but also thought that his tweet would never reach me and his response was: it is my opinion. But … the idea was to fix the celu. This happened in Cabildo and Blanco Encalada”, the victim wrote.

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