They enabled the public transport service from Trevelin to Parque Los Alerces


The public transport service will be provided by the company “Transporte Esquel”. The tour will begin in Esquel, continue through Trevelin, then through Los Alerces Park and end in Epuyén.

Skeleton transport.

The Secretary of Tourism of the Municipality of Trevelin, John Peralta, indicated that “The authorizations were granted by the Undersecretary of Land Transportation of the province and an agreement was reached with the Gales Al Sur tourism agency to be a ticket dispenser.“.

In Trevelin the schedule of passenger boarding to Los Alerces National Park will be at 08:30 hours, and the arrival will be at 6:20 p.m..

The cost of the passage to Lake Futalaufquen will be 300 pesos; to Bahia Rosales it will cost 350 pesos and Lake Rivadavia 650 pesos.

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