They detected three cases of the Delta variant in the outbreak of infections in a Buenos Aires school

Colegio ORT de Belgrano, City of Buenos Aires.

Three people, including a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old, which are among the students of the ORT School of Belgrano (City of Buenos Aires) who had been Tested for a coronavirus outbreak, they tested positive for the Delta variant, as reported this Saturday by the Malbrán Institute together with the PAIS consortium.

The released statement states: “in view of the journalistic versions of a possible COVID-19 outbreak in a school in the City of Buenos Aires, the PAIS Consortium and the Malbrán Institute report that three confirmed cases of Delta variant have been notified at the moment, to the National Health Surveillance System “.

The study was carried out in the Virology laboratory of the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital, central node of the PAIS Consortium, financed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and the isolates correspond to three minors, two of 7 years and one of 9.

Other samples belonging to this outbreak will be analyzed by the ANLIS-Malbrán national reference laboratory.

The authorities of the ORT School, based in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, reported this Friday that 43 positive cases of coronavirus were detected in the establishment, for which several bubbles were isolated from the students.

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