They denounce the head of the Barranqueras fire station for alleged harassment of applicants

Antonio Rafael Gauna, head of the Barranqueras Volunteer Fire Station, was denounced on Saturday at the First Police Station of the town, for alleged abuse against the sexual integrity of female personnel who would be part of the cadet school.

The alleged victims between 17 and 38 years old, presented a letter to Patricia Godoy, who three days ago took over the personnel area of ​​the Volunteer Fire Department. And she was the person who finally approached the police station to file the complaint.

Hours later, the 47-year-old defendant made himself available to the Justice and was notified of the complaint against him by the Special Prosecutor in turn of Trial by Jury No. 02 of this city, Dr. Ingrid Wenner, who did not order his arrest and prohibited him from approaching the Barranqueras Voluntary Fire Station for 72 hours, or the women who presented the brief.

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