They denounce that a potato cake in bad condition intoxicated children in a school

At Manantiales de La Plata College A group of parents of primary school students assured that during Tuesday’s session, their children “they got intoxicated by eating a potato cake in bad condition ”.

The situation was shared in parent groups on WhatsApp, after several of the boys who attend the establishment began with symptoms accompanied by stomach pains.

The problem would have been handling the minced meat with which the potato cake was made that was the menu of the day and that it was prepared in the same institution.

“Yesterday at noon they were given the potato cake, the boys got intoxicated and immediately the comments began in the WhatsApp group. My daughter broke down and was doubled over in pain throughout the afternoon and evening.. Today he woke up better and was able to go to school, “he explained.Or the mother of a second grade babe from elementary school to portal 0221. Lunch was given to them at the dining room of the institution.

Parents suspect that the problem lies in the poor condition of the raw material because “It is not food in box but there are personnel who are dedicated to cooking for the boys”.

“The kids said that the food, actually the minced meat, it was sour and what about there was no other option, they ate the same. That’s serious. A girl who decided not to have lunch for the taste of meat did not present any problem, “he said.

“The boys who ate later began to feel bad. Between 17 and 18 my baby started having stomach pains and the same happened to the rest of those who ate the potato cake. There are children of different years who manifested discomfort“Said the mother.

From the institution they admitted the serious fault and they maintained that “the legal representative is in communication with the families and working on it.”

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