They convicted Esteban Alvarado’s brother for his participation in the criminal gang

The prosecutors in the Matías Edery and Luis Schiappa Pietra case

After the arrest of Esteban Alvarado at the beginning of February 2019 for the investigators, his brother Gustavo Fernando Tuerto Ramos was left in charge of the organization of the criminal group and the administration of the material and human resources of the gang. This Tuesday, El Tuerto accepted his responsibility in the gang and consented to an abbreviated agreement to four years in prison for being part of an illicit association headed by Alvarado.

El Tuerto was delivered at the end of June 2019 at the headquarters of the Special Operations Troop. He had an arrest warrant since the beginning of that month. At that time it was determined that he had communications with his brother while he was on the run. In them, Alvarado asked him to sell some properties. Those messages were recovered from the Iphone 8 that Alvarado threw into the water when he was detained at a campsite in Embalse Río Tercero. That evidence, plus other evidence that was collected over the months, led to several raids that gave negative results until it was finally presented to the Justice.

For prosecutors, the band operated at least between September 2018 and April 2019 and was made up of three levels. In the first, its members dedicated themselves to carrying out crimes, for which they provided arms, vehicles, logistics. They did logistics, paid for criminal work done by other groups, and identified and intimidated different people for illegal profit.

The second group was the provider of impunity. This establishment made up of policemen provided classified information to the gang and interfered in criminal investigations by incorporating false information in order to divert it, among them the brothers Martín and Marcelo Rey, Pablo Báncora and Jorgelina Chaves were involved.

The third section of the band was made up of people who gave names or were in charge of commercial or sole proprietorships that were used to provide services and structure to the band, resources of all kinds and used them to launder money from illegal activities, the prosecution said.

For the Indictment, Ramos was part of this group in which he appeared as a prestanname. The investigators detected that he had a non-formal dependency relationship with the company Santino SRL.

For prosecutors Matías Edery and Luis Schiappa Pietra of the Organized Crime and Complex Crimes Agency, Ramos was in charge of giving directives to manage the network of commercial and sole proprietorships that allowed him to hide in corporate structures, through which he provided assets furniture, real estate and services to the entire criminal structure. It indicated how the documentation of the goods had to be made, who should appear as owners, set their prices to offer them to the market, ordered operations in foreign currency, payment and negotiation of checks and decided the services that each company should invoice, said a judicial source.

In addition, it obtained properties in which the members of the organization lived and where they kept the vehicles they used, managed money to pay people from whom it obtained information and manipulated billing and payments mixing sources of legal and illegal income.

This Tuesday, prosecutors and defender Fernando Arias Caamaño presented an abbreviated agreement that was discussed in an oral and public hearing before Judge Hernán Postma. There they told the details of the agreement and after evaluating the formal requirements and its admissibility, the magistrate decided to approve it and sentence Gustavo Fernando Tuerto Ramos to four years in prison as a member of an illicit association.

Tuerto Ramos, ex-convict for drug trafficking and brother of Esteban Alvarado, surrendered

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