They confirm that “Bruce Wayne” will have another secret identity besides Batman

Matt Reeves has decided to give a gift to all fans of the Dark Knight: a new identity for its creator, Bruce Wayne, within the new film saga that is coming with ‘The Batman‘.

Known as “The Drifter“, This new alter ego of the billionaire, Bruce Wayne, is basically one of the more realistic explanations as to why Batman he knows so much about the streets, their operation, connections and threats.

Its function? Immerse yourself among the people, the underworld and the places where you can wear a bat suit or a suit of $ 10,000.00 dollars, be a little “obvious” for the situation.

And although the world is excited, the reality is that Reeves was not the genius behind this idea, since it was again a toy store that was not expected to premiere and announced a line linked to the film, who revealed it (and that by the way, has the figure in pre-sale).

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