They confirm a 14-year sentence for Gerardo Billiris, the anesthetist accused of drugging and sexually abusing his victims

The anesthetist Gerardo Billiris was sentenced to 14 years in prison for having been found responsible for drugging and trying to murder a young woman in 2017 and it was found that he also sexually abused two other women.

The Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation upheld the verdict of the Federal Oral Court 8 for the attempt to “homicide aggravated by gender violence “ from Belen Torres in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo in 2017, for sexual abuse of another victim and drug supply aggravated by his medical condition in a total of three cases, as specified in the ruling, to the detriment, in addition, of Luciana Argüelles and Belén De Mattia.

Technically, the penalty states that the anesthetist is guilty of “aggravated homicide for having been committed mediating gender violence in degree of attempt in real contest with the drug supply offense for personal use repeated twice “, in relation to what happened to Torres.

Crimes for “Sexual abuse aggravated by having mediated carnal access to the detriment of Luciana Argüelles, in real competition with the crime of supplying narcotics for personal use and supplying narcotics aggravated by his condition as a doctor repeated on two occasions, in ideal competition with the crime of facilitating a place for the supply of narcotics to the detriment of Luciana Argüelles and Belén De Mattia “.

On the grounds of the ruling, Cassation remarked that Billiris got the drug that he supplied to his victims and then committed the abuses thanks to his “medical condition“.

Billiris was arrested on January 31, 2017 after being denounced in a video and through social networks by one of his victims, who recounted the horror that he had to live in the hands of the anesthetist.

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