They compare Evaluna with Camilo’s ex, they are identical

Social networks are a double-edged sword, where the past comes to light, and that was the case of Evaluna, this after a video on TikTok, was compared to Camilo’s ex. The resemblance has gone viral and caused controversy.

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The marriage that a few months ago formed Evaluna and Camilo, until now is one of the most stable in the artistic medium, and as if that were not enough, they are about to debut as parents. Without a doubt, they are a couple that has always shown their love wherever they go.

Both on social networks and in different concerts, in which Camilo has always been a romantic, but it seems that users on social networks are clinging to revealing the past of celebrities, and this time it was the singer and his wife Evaluna’s turn .

This after a video went viral on TikTok where Camilo’s ex-girlfriend was compared to Evaluna, revealing the great resemblance between the two women, something that made an impression on the persons who viewed that content.

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And it is that they have a slight resemblance in most of the photographs that appear in this video, although there is a photograph in particular, in which Camilo’s ex named Gabriela Andrade, is posing with some slopes long green ones, in that image they are identical.

The video has caused a lot of controversy among all users, since several began to affirm that the Colombian had not got over his ex, and that she was only looking to replace her with someone who looked like her, “She hasn’t necessarily gotten over her ex, but maybe it’s her preferences, following patterns is her passion hahaha”, “People are always looking for similar patterns ”.

And as if that were not enough in the background, you can hear the song, “La nueva y la ex” by reggaeton Daddy Yankee. So far neither Evaluna nor Camilo have been questioned on the subject, but the truth is that this resemblance between the two women does cause a bit of noise.

Little is known about Gabriela Andrade, only that, like Camilo, she is happily married and has formed a pretty family, so there is no interest in these types of comparisons coming to light, as with Evaluna, who is about to debut as a mother.

We will keep an eye out for new news that they be shared on social networks, as well as the official accounts of both artists, who make a beautiful couple and are happily married, what controversial topics those who appear on TikTok.

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